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August Opportunities to Volunteer

Hi! I'll start with, it's nice to know that you stumbled across this blog post and are taking the time to read it.

As we are getting organized for the school year and combining volunteer lists I want to be sure nobody slips through the cracks for whatever reasons (like typos on my end - I'm only human, after all). SO if you missed an email from July 25th, 2022 about August opportunities PLEASE please please shoot me your best email address and ask to be added to the list (or for me to double check that you are on it like you thought). & in case you missed it - here's that email!


Hi !

If you are getting this email it's because you signed up to participate in NEST during our Logo Social. you are a fellow officer, or you are administration/staff and we just want you to see what's going on!

Thank you so much for doing that & thank you for being patient while I got organized (wedding season is in full swing for me). I'll start by reminding everyone to swing by the front office during their summer hours (Mon-Thursday 8-3) to fill out a background check. It's free! You HAVE to have done this to volunteer (or to chaperone field trips).

There are a couple of things coming up that we would love help with:

July 28th from 7:30-8:00am at SRCA main campus - It's a very last minute but this Thursday we could use one or two more volunteers to help set up the "Back to School" Breakfast for teachers. We had enough help but apparently the flu is going around (yay) and I won't be able to attend now (I don't want to give the flu to all of our teachers at the start of the year). Kaitlin (our teacher liaison) will be meeting Tracy (our secretary) and Aleksandra (our treasurer) at 7:15am at Dunkin Donuts to grab coffee boxes and donuts and bagels.

Then they'll head to the school to set them up on tables where we had the raffle basket for The Logo Social. Everyone will be done setting up around 7:45 and then volunteers can head out ! Teachers will serve themselves throughout the morning as they have time and the remaining goodies will make their way to the breakroom to provide snack food for our staff during their first two workdays. We haven't confirmed pick up time for fruit trays and juice from Ingles JUST yet, but I'll update volunteers.

If you can help with this just shoot me an email back saying you can help with Thursday's breakfast set up. Or text me at 828-644-3666.

August 1 & 2nd are two fold.

First, the morning of each day we are doing "Boo Hoo" breakfasts for the students. We'd meet at the school at 7:30, set up by 7:45, and stay until about 9:00. We would be serving Kindergarten kiddos and their families both of those mornings.

If you can help one or both of those mornings just shoot an email back saying which date, and from what time if you can't be there from 7:30-9 but could do 7:30-8 (for example).

Then, in the evenings, from 4-6 on both of those days is Meet The Teacher night. If we had volunteers to help pass our flyers for NEST and to smile and help with whatever teachers need that would be amazing. My kiddos, for instance, are going on night two because their last name is "R". So I can volunteer on night one, but on night two I am there as a parent.

If you can spare a half hour, hour, or two hours those evenings please let me know which and from what times you can hang out !

August 5th is the first day we are passing out goodie bags to the students. We haven't gotten the plan just yet from the front office but maybe jot this day down in your calendar for now! We will do the same on August 12th & August 19th! I will let you know the plan as soon as I know. As of now all goodie bags are made for all three days and ready to go!!

August 11th is our first official meeting of the new school year and we would love to see everyone there. We plan to livestream it/zoom it as well (we haven't decided how yet) for families still socially distancing.But we plan to review which officer positions are open, review our calendar for the fall, and discuss our spring calendar! It will take place in Mrs. Clark's classroom (first grade) starts at 6pm. Last time we were there until 7:30, but we covered all of the big stuff at the start so do not feel like you need to stay the whole time!

THANK you again for any time you can spare.

If you haven't already be sure to follow along on our social media sites (we are going to try to keep up with them this year as best as we can). You can find us on Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to bookmark our new website, also!

- Victoria

NEST President

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